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Iris Hailu Ministries

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Latest Release!!!

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This book offers the blatant truth about the subject, Lust. You will read real life interviewed testimonials. You’ll laugh, cry, and ponder as you sink deep between the pages of this book. Lust is a huge problem in Ministries, homes, and businesses at large. As you read you will understand that lust is not just geared towards sexuality, but, it comes in many different facets and packages. LUST is a spirit that needs to be checked daily. I believe you will read something that your innermost being will identify with. The further you journey through this book, the more scriptural recovery you will discover. Stop the cycle and admit, “Lust, It’s Messing Up My Ministry,” then receive your mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

A Servant Indeed

Apostle (Dr.) Iris Hailu is an International Minister of the Gospel. Where the Lord leads her, she goes. The unique anointing that she embodies  makes her a sought after speaker, poet and psalmist. You can help her take the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world by donating to IHM today.

Featured CD Of The Month

You can find this and over 30 other Music albums by Apostle Hailu on all your favorite streaming and music sites like Amazon, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play , ITunes or Apple Music and Many More! 

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